We can do what ever men can do – but are we happy?

An article to get Modern Women thinking.

We have babies and rear children. We nurture our young, breastfeed them, make their lunches, cook their dinners, wipe their grubby hands. We cuddle, hug, encourage and laugh with our kids. We parent, scold, educate and teach our children that they can be ANYTHING in the world.

We drop kids to school, we shop for groceries, clothes for the family, manage the household budget and still attend Tupperware parties! From mothers, cleaners, teachers, nurses to now ANY career we want.

In 2010 you will find us in space, in labs, in hospitals, and in boardrooms. (How come we still don’t earn the same incomes as our male counterparts ).

We walk around building sites with pencils behind our ears, construction hats on, sturdy boots and overalls. We wear work suits, shorts, jackets and vests. Some wear ties, but not many are choosing Y briefs, yet…

We can dance, sing, act and break sporting records – we can run parent and teachers meetings, organize fund raisers and even run countries!


Why did we stop wearing dresses? Why are wrinkles suddenly not cool? Why did we burn our bras again?

The gender pendulum has swung too far. Not just aesthetically but biologically.

Woman are developing higher levels of male hormones, feeling aggressive, stressed and de-feminized.

We have made many demands – we have essentially what we want, and yet most of us are confused, uptight and are experiencing physically  hormone changes that are incongruent with our natural chemistry. Basically we, the female component of the human species, don’t know how to make ourselves happy.

What are the men folk doing? Well they are becoming too scared to say anything. They are not turning to self help and personal development courses. They are not trying to get another 10 certificates or degrees to find true happiness. Instead they are going to pubs, clubs and sheds. They are protecting themselves from an endemic of aggressive, hairy woman.

Sam Beau Patrick is dedicated to assisting individuals, groups and companies to be the healthiest and happiest they can be. She specializes in hormone management (stress, sleep and female hormones in particular) and tries to achieve your health and happiness goals through natural and safe methods. For more information about Sam and her services visit www.byebyebridget.com

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