The Evolution of Modern Woman

In 1950, the typical role of the female in affluent countries (USA, Australia, UK and parts of Europe), included keeping a house clean, attended to the children, cooking meals for the family and attending to the male of the house. Very rarely did ladies, leave a relationship, or even consider separation or divorce. People married young, they married for life, and as it turns out, the female side of this equation wasn’t 100% happy but it wasn’t far off.

In the 1960s, we witnessed a renaissance. Females decided to harness their collaborative powers and took a stance for what they believed they were entitled to as half of the human species race. Women around the world, burnt bras, voted and started to assume a greater presence in the work force.

In the 1970s women wanted to extend their careers from the typical “qualify by default because you are female extended home roles of teaching and nursing”, to qualify for professional and other career paths. Women completed grade 12. Ladies had their children after Uni. Ladies started to defer children until their careers were in full swing. And now, some are deciding not to have kids at all, for fear it will interrupt their careers! This was the true start of the corporate female.

In the 1980s, ladies became empowered through many avenues. Television shows depicted woman as worthy as men in the work place and movies such as Tootsie, Top Gun and Private Benjamin showed ladies that they could do anything a man could. Infact, the implied message was, that if a man could do something, then so could a lady and she could seem sexier too – a brain and a desirable body!

By 1990, women were common to see in the work place, many earning an income and not being the stay-at home mum. The second income was enjoyed by many couples. As children of the 1950’s couple (who was happy with one home, one car, children and religion), couples now demanded more materialistic items such as 2 cars, a nice or new home, new clothes, dinners and holidays abroad.

The new millennium has seen an even greater division of the traditional roles, that had served the human species well for the previous 2000 years + .

Today, in 2010, females now want all the trimmings that corporate life has to offer. Including promotions and CEO positions (ladies are hungry for top positions). They want recognition, authority and big pay cheques.

However, in this evolutionary rise of the female species, other things have gone astray.

Women are unhappy and have greater health issues.

Hormone changes are occurring in fertile females, demonstrating high androgens (testosterone) which result in an inability to fall pregnant. Women are have acne at 40, are aggressive and are growing excess facial hair.

The stereotypical subordinate, house-wife of the 50’s has been replaced with a hairy, angry monster called modern woman. She is not happy, nor is her sexual opposite – the mere male. Somewhere in the last 50 years, the pendulum has swung too far and ladies need to relax, reassess and determine what they want. Yes, ladies you can do everything a man can do – but does that make them happy?

Sam Beau Patrick is dedicated to assisting individuals, groups and companies to be the healthiest and happiest they can be. She specializes in hormone management (stress, sleep and female hormones in particular) and tries to achieve your health and happiness goals through natural and safe methods. For more information about Sam and her services visit

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