Why you Need to Decrease Plastics Around the House

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Plastic is everywhere around the house, workplace and Plastic water bottles can contribute to period painnowadays in the garden.

The issue with plastics is that they emmit chemicals which can have a toxic affect on our body. Some of these chemicals are called ‘hormonal disruptors’, meaning that they play havoc with your hormones.

At all costs, try to avoid Bisphenol A (BPA). BPA is known to have estrogenic affects on the body. Therefore your estrogen levels can increase.This happens in both men and women- notice men are getting more man boobs these days. So avoid heating plastics, because more than likely, it will contain BPA.

  1. Avoid letting your water bottle heat up in the car and then drink water.
  2. Don’t microwave food with clingwrap on it.
  3. Try not to buy food wrapped in plastic.


  1. Buy a BPA free waterbottle (you can get these from Katmandu).
  2. Use a bowl with a plate over it to heat up food in the microwave.
  3. If you can, buy your food fresh. Supermarkets are now covering all of our food in platic- and you don’t know if it was sitting on a dock somewhere in the heat. Go to the local grocer and use paper bags (which you can also reuse).

Have you been using plastics for too long? Why not use one of the Period  Pain Guru’s detox’s that helps to clear false estrogens? Be Proactive Rather than Reactive.

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Naturopath Andrea Strand has been helping women who experience period pain and related symptoms for many years. She is also a specialist in hormonal imbalance and fertility issues. To contact Andrea Hepner for treatment call 1300 91 21 81 or go to www.periodpain.com.au

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