What is the Mind-Body Connection?

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A good friend of mine who is anosteopath  used to say “we all live in our head”. In many ways, I think he is right. Western society celebrates constant thinking, not turning our minds off. If we are waiting in line somewhere, we twitter. If we sit down to eat, we ‘check in’ on facebook. For those of you who are facebook friends, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of social media- so this isn’t about social media…. long before social media, most of us still lived in our heads, on the go all the time. My osteo friend used to say to his clients, “it’s time you start living back in your body again”.

Do you live in your head or your body?Louise Hay who wrote “You can heal your life” over 20 years ago, is probably the founding “mother” of the Mind- Body Connection – well at least she brought it into mainstream society. For many of you who have read her books, you’ll know it’s not light entertainment, but a deeper journey into your soul & your truth. Hay often talks about how certain parts of your body are connected to emotions. Being “The Period Pain Guru”, I just looked up, the emotion linked with the uterus- Hay says that the uterus represents the home of creativity. With any mind body connection, I personally believe that it has to be the right ‘fit’ for you. But it’s interesting to comtemplate this. How is the creative side of you going? Do you get much time to be creative?

Creativity is a feminine trait, and while the world is becoming more feminine again, the pendulum did swing the other way which celebrated masculinity. So in our busy lives, when we don’t really stop, here are 5 ways you can get into your creative spirit again.

1. Make some time & space for yourself. Often if we have a spare minute in our diary, we fill it up. Block out some set “me time” in your diary. If someone rings & says  ‘can you do ‘X’? Are you free that night?’, you can quite rightly say that you already have an appointment booked in.

2. If you could take up any hobby what would it be? Often we get so caught up in the day to day that we forget to do fun things! Look at the creative side of you. Personally, I love dancing. But painting, singing, walking in nature are all ways to lift your creative spirit.

3. Remember to breath. When we are constantly under the pump, our breath become shallow & we don’t get all of the oxygen that we need. Focusing on your breath for one minute a day helps you to get back into your body and become aware of it.

4. Movement- whether you take a pilates class, yoga class or gym class or just become aware of your whole body when you go for a walk, movement reminds us that their is a whole other part to us. Moving your body can be creative, there are some interesting yoga & pilates classes which I would call creative for sure!

5. Listen to music. Music is food for the soul and whether you are good at singing or rhythm cab transend your mood & take you to another place. “Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul” – Plato. Listen to music in your car, while you’re doing the dishes or just sitting & talking to your friend or partner. It can make your day special.

So take a few moments each week to find or enhance your creativity. It may help you get to rejuvenate your feminine spirit, increase calmess and possibly help your period pain.

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