Last year, I started a raw food diet for 2 weeks as an experiment. I posted it on facebook & fell flat on my face! Dismally.

I was hungry. We went to go to a raw food restaurant & it was closed for renovations. There was nothing else to eat except the restaurant next door had pizza. I was cranky, tired and “what the hell was I doing this for anyway”.

I ate some pizza with the promise of getting back on it tomorrow- and I did, until the next hurdle- then it was all over. I hadn’t succeeded in my quest for trying the raw food diet. At least I gave it a go.

Fast Forward 6 Months:

I got re-introduced to juicing vegetables. Juicing is a very old naturopathic tradition of cleansing. It is embedded in our philosophy, but is rarely used these days. I was inspired to try it- a 30 day juice feast (similar to a juice fast, but with more juice). Sounds hard??To me it sounds more difficult than a raw food diet, but I’m doing this with ease…. What’s different?

My Mindset!

When I tried to do the raw food diet, I wasn’t really into it, I hadn’t really thought about what I was doing it for & didn’t really know what I wanted.

With the 30 day juice feast, I am clear about the purpose of why I am doing this & I have thought about it.

To have the right mindset you need to firstly know your purpose.

Why are you doing what you’re doing? Why are you seeing a naturopath? To feel young again? To look more youthful?  To have more energy?

Thanks to my business coach, I learnt the 5 Steps to an awesome Mindset- that’s not only applied to business, but with anything we want to achieve. Want a better level of health? This mindset strategy can help.

Here’s the 5 Steps to an Awesome Mindset:

Focus……….. What do you need to focus on your task at hand? At the moment, what helps me focus is knowing that I am getting a better level of health. Also, at the moment, not walking past a coffee shop or restaurant also helps to keep me focused!

Take 100% responsibly……….It’s up to you. Your health (for the most part) is due to the choices you make. What you eat, how much you exercise, how you keep your stress levels low. And if you have difficulty with those things, then finding the right person to help you.

Not being able to blame anyone else or anything can feel very uncomfortable. And it’s NOT about beating yourself up. It’s just about acknowledging that you’ve played a role in your health up until this point. And when you do that, it means that you will play a role in your future health- and that’s very very empowering!

Live The Dream……….Live as if you have already achieved the level of health you desire. This means that even though you may not have the energy you want right now, start thinking you do anyway. Your mind creates your experience, so you might as well create a good one in your mind & enjoy the ride!

Urgency……….Often our health goals are to do with an event ie. “I want to lose 10 kg’s by Christmas”. It’s great to have urgency. For example, my “urgency” currently is, I’m doing a juice fast/feast for 30 days.  While urgency is important as it helps to keep us on track, we need to have all the other mindset steps, otherwise, once “Christmas” comes, everything can go back to the way it was. You need all 5 mindset steps for a long lasting results.

Decision Making………. Make a clear decision that “YES” this is what I’m going to do. To make a good decision it needs to be replicable, sustainable, purposeful & not what you did yesterday (unless it worked yesterday). This means that if you’ve ‘tried all the diets under the sun’ & they haven’t worked, then you need to look at why you’re not losing weight/ reaching your health goal, from a different angle.

Have you got the right mindset for your health? Call us on 1300 91 21 81 to help you get the right Mindset for health so that you have the health that you want & the health that you deserve to have.  The right mindset will lead you to having amazing health.

Note: I have now finished my 30 day juice feast & feel fantastic!