Preconception Care: Be Your Best For Having A Baby


Are you thinking of having a baby soon? If you suffer from hormonal imbalances, we can help you look at optimising your nutrients & hormones to help maximise pregnancy chances

In naturopathic philosophy, we like to help to get a couple as healthy as possible before they start to try to conceive. We call this Preconception Care.

Take a trip down Greek Methology lane.

In Greek Methology, there was a Greek god called Huberus. Huberus granted babies to want-to-be parents. Huberus made sure that these future parents were as healthy as possible so that they could look after their children – because once they had their baby, they were about to face some sleep deprivation & challenges so they needed to be as healthy for these challenges.

We tend to follow the wisdom of Huberus, and look at helping to get you & your partner as healthy as possible before conceiving. That means, making sure you have the right nutrition (which helps to make your baby), balancing hormones if you are getting “hormone symptoms” and making sure you are eliminating toxins to the utmost.

Here’s 5 Steps that can help you on your way to Pre Conception Care (but we also recommend seeing a naturopath!).

Step 1: Detox – unlike “detox programs from your chemist or healthfood store, doing a program with your naturopath will help to give you long term results. If you are “dipping your toe in the water” and not sure if a detox is right for you, start with using lemon juice in warm water in the morning & adding brazil nuts to your diet. Both are great for your liver. Artichokes are also beneficial for your liver (and yummy!)

Step 2: Be aware of toxins in your environment. If you can, go organic. Be aware of using plastics when heating food/drinks. Use glass when heating up food. Many plastics contain xenoestrogen, which mimic estrogen in your body & wreak havoc.

Step 3: Eat organic & increase your vegetable intake. You want as minimal toxins as possible, so it’s best not to eat them! Vegetables have lots of fantastic nutrients in them which will help to make your baby. Aim for 5 different colours at lunch & dinnertime.

Step 4: Make sure your man is wearing underwear that “flows”. Keeping the testes as far away from his body is important. Heat decreases sperm quality, so keeping that area cool is important. If he sit’s down for work each day, make sure he get’s up & walks around more.

Step 5: Last, but not least, if you experience PMS or changes in your hormones, see a naturopath to get them into tip- top shape. We don’t recommend guessing! You don’t want to be playing around with your hormones! To take a Saliva Hormone Test, call us on 1300 91 21 81.

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