Say Good-bye to Acne

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Statistics show that 80% of people of acne at least once in their life. Acne can be debilitating, both physically & emotionally. It's something that can't be hidden very well, although make up does help. Generally speaking, if you suffer…

How to give Candida the flick

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5 Steps to help STOP Candidia.   You haven't had it in ages, and then the itch starts. It takes you back to the first time you had thrush & you remember how uncomfortable, itchy & debiliating it was: Approx 75% of women experience…

He told her that PMS "is all in your head"- What the?

Last night, I was at the supermarket when I heard a guy telling his girlfriend that PMS was “all in your head”. Apart from wanting to yell & screen at him (and give her my card), I thought about the perception of period pain & PMS and what it means to women.

Apple or Pear? Your "Fruit" Shape can reflect what your Hormones are doing and Hinder Weight Loss

Contrary to popular belief, there are 3 types of estrogen- These are called Estrone, Estradiol and Estriol. Generally speaking, often people who are a apple  shape have more estrone, whereas people who are a pear shape have more estradiol. The…

Why you Need to Decrease Plastics Around the House

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Plastic is everywhere around the house, workplace and nowadays in the garden. The issue with plastics is that they emmit chemicals which can have a toxic affect on our body. Some of these chemicals are called 'hormonal disruptors', meaning…