Is Stress Contributing to Your Period Pain?

If 10 is the hightest on a scale of one to ten, what would your stress levels be? Is it getting up there 7? 8? 9? or even 10?

Stress in our daily lives is very much linked with period pain. Cortisol, our stress hormone is used when we are ‘under the pump’. Progesterone, which is one of our female balancing hormones, is robbed by cortisol if we are stressed. Therefore we make much less progesterone when we are stressed and this can cause period pain.

Here are 3 Tips which will help to cut the stress down, which in the long run, will help with your period pain.

Tip One

Get out into nature. Nature helps to absorb your ‘stress’ energy. Getting down to the beach and going for a stroll will help to reduce your stress levels.

Tip Two

Focus on your breath for one minute. When we focus on our breath, our mind switches ‘off’ and we become aware of our body again.  When one first starts doing this technique, their mind can wander offen thoughout the minute with things link ‘what am i going to have for dinner’ and ‘ I need to call such and such’. If this happens, just recognise it and bring your mind back to your breathing. This technique shouldn’t be done when you are driving in the car.

Tip Three

Block out some ‘Me Time’ in your diary. These days we seem to schedule everything into our diary except relaxation time for ourselves. It is really important that we do take time out and make it a high priority. Scheduling it into your diary will help make it happen. If someone calls up and asks you to do something at that time, you can say that you have something on, it’s written in your diary!

Keeping stress levels low, will help, in the long run, keep your period pain at a minimum, so become aware of you, and enjoy some time out.

The Period Pain Guru & Naturopath Andrea Hepner has been helping women who experience period pain and related symptoms for many years. She is also a specialist in hormonal imbalance and fertility issues. To contact Andrea Hepner for treatment call 1300 21 44 25 or go to

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  1. Clement
    Clement says:

    My girl friend always faces a very tough time during her period pains, and she ended up being admitted to a hospital, they over flow and are veru painful. What can she do?

    • Andrea
      Andrea says:

      From a naturopathic perspective, getting to the cause of this heavy & painful bleeding is paramount. Of course, seeing a gynecologist first, to rule out any major issues is the first step. Then seeing a naturopath to either with along side the gynecologist or if nothing shows up, see the naturopath. Make sure the naturopath does Saliva Hormone Testing & follows through with dietary & lifestyle changes as well as herbs & nutrients to help rebalance the body. There is alot that can be done for your girlfriend. Feel free to give me a call for a 10 min phone briefing if you have more questions. 1300 21 44 25


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