Women’s Intuition

We know something is wrong with our hormones. We have all the symptoms telling us that out hormones are out of whack, but when we get a blood test, sometimes it says that our hormones are ‘normal’.

Saliva Hormone Testing confirms those niggling (or not so niggling) symptoms that won’t show up in a blood test.

Where Is My Hormone Imbalance?

There are so many hormones, how do we know which one is upsetting the apple cart? By testing all of your girlie hormones, we can determine which hormone(s) are causing trouble to the rest of them.

The Scientific Facts

Saliva Hormone Testing is conducted in a fully accredited laboratory. Saliva Hormone Testing measures your ‘active hormones’. By using saliva to measure your hormones, mild and moderate symptoms will show up which may have otherwise been missed in a blood test.

I want to test my hormones, what’s the next step?

At ‘Period Pain Support’  you are not just a test, you’re a whole person. In your consultation, we work out the best day to take the test (because your hormones change over the month) followed by how to individually treat you & your hormones.

Saliva Hormone Testing will help us determine which hormones are out of whack and why. This will help us return your hormones back to optimal health.

Sound Good?

To take the test call  us on 1300 21 44 25 or send us an email.