Naturopath Melbourne: Natural Period Pain Relief & Hormone Imbalance

Are you in pain with your period each month?

Do you get other hormonal symptoms  such as headaches, acne, breast tenderness & back ache?

Can your moods change in the lead up to your period?

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these questions,  then this website is for you!

Hi, I’m Andrea Hepner, a Melbourne based naturopath. I look for & treat the cause of your period pain, PMS, mood changes, endometriosis or whatever other hormonal issues are thrown at you every month.

Treating the cause can involve making some lifestyle & dietary changes that are “do-able” and enjoyable as well as taking some herbs or nutrients to increase your body’s healing power.

Call for a free 10 minute phone briefing to find out if our services fit your needs  p: 1300 21 44 25

After an initial consultation in person, we offer skype  & telephone_compressed10  consults for your convenience.

Natural Period Pain Relief, Melbourne

If you’re  looking for natural solutions to your period pain, then we can help.

Our statistics show that 70% of our clients have a 70% or more success rate of getting rid of their PMS symptoms each month. That’s right, 70 % are free from the period doldrums!

Imagine, having a normal period every month, no period pain, no anger, no teariness, no breast tenderness, no headaches. In fact, the only way you know you’re getting your period is the obvious!

Get To The Cause Of The Problem

You know it’s your hormones. You know your intuition’s right.  It’s a definite, you know like you know with the certainty of day follows night.

Feeling Out Of Control

Your hormones are up & down, give you horrendous symptoms. They are all over the shop, particularly in the second half of your cycle. You can feel out of control & don’t always know what’s happening in your body.

You Matter

You matter & your hormones matter. Without you feeling your best, everything else can fall away. It’s really important to look after you and invest in your health, because after all, you’re the best person for the job to look after your own health.

We Listen & Care. You’re A Person, Not A Number

You’re not a number to us. We work with you, by your side, & spend the time with you that you need to help rebalance your hormones so that you’re not suffering from mood swings, breast tenderness, back acne, feeling shitty, low energy, heavy bleeding & of course, period pain.

We Strive To Give You “Ah- Ha” Moments

If you’ve ever wanted to understand what your hormonal imbalance is or why you have it, then we empower you with all the information so that you get an “Ah ha” moment. Understanding why you have a hormonal imbalance, will help to prevent it from reoccurring. We then make up a step by step plan of how we are going to address your hormonal imbalance & help you return to optimal health.

 Call Us For A Free 10 Minute Phone Briefing

If you want to be empowered about your hormones & your health, then you’ve come to the right place. We can help you return to fantastic health.

See how we can help you with your specific needs. Call us on 1300 21 44 25.

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