How To Relieve Your Period Pain

Period Pain Relief: It’s Time to measure your symptoms

You’re in pain and you’ve had enough. You’re hurting & you just want the pain gone.

Before we do anything else, let’s get you some relief from your pain right now and then we can look at some strategies for overcoming it in the long term. Here are some things that you may have around your house that can help to relieve the pain straight away:

1. Hot water bottle or heat pack.

Heat to your abdomen stimulates the nervous system and this “overrides” the message of pain that you’re currently getting. Heat also increases blood circulation, thereby decreasing pain as well.

Period Pain Relief

2. Chamomile tea or  Cinnamon.

A good quality chamomile tea may help to relieve cramping. Grab your twinings or liptons chammomile tea  if that’s all you have, but if you can go out to the shops, go to the local healthfood store & get a good quality one. The brand “Southern Light Herbs” has excellent quality Chamomile. Cinnamon is also good for period pain, so boiling up some sticks (add some honey for taste) or adding some to your food can also help. If you have an allergy or are on medications that react with either of these herbs then you need to stay away from them.

Cinnamon may help period pain

3 . Meditation.

Grabbing your meditation CD or just lying on your bed and focusing you’re your breath will help you to relax and believe it or not, may help relieve your period pain.

Meditation helps your hormones

4. Magnesium. 

Magnesium helps to reduce stomach cramps. It is a well known muscle relaxant. Taking some magnesium will help to calm your mind as well as your abdomen. Foods that are rich in magnesium include bran, nuts & seeds. To get a high therapeutic dose of Magnesium, we suggest MegaMagesium Powder which we can express post to you.

Mega Magnesium

5 . Be in Nature

John Gray, the author of Men are from Mars Women are from Venus, explains that nature absorbs negativity. Being in nature when you are in pain can have a very healing affect. John Grey talks further in his book “How to Get What you Want and Want What You Have” by saying that water specifically helps to absorb this negative energy. So if you can get to the beach, river or lake, go and sit by the water. If you feel up to it, take a stroll along side the water. You’ll no doubt come away feeling more refreshed and renewed.

Getting into nature may help to calm period pain & hormones

6. Chromium for sugar cravings.

Chromium is needed for sugar to be taken up into the cells to be burnt up. Many people are deficient in chromium because 35-45% is lost in the process of refining flour. Foods that are rich in chromium include asparagus, apples, cheese, egg yolk, grape juice, lobster, molasses, mushrooms, nuts, oysters, peppers, prunes, raisins, prawns, wheat and yeast.

Asparagus is high in Chromium

7.  See a Doctor if symptoms are Extreme or Abnormal.

See your healthcare professional if you are experiencing extreme abdominal pain, or extreme heavy bleeding. If you have abdominal pain that is out of the ordinary, please seek medical advice immediately. You can ring Nurse on Call on 1300 60 60 24 if you are unsure of your symptoms.

See your doctor if symptoms are abnormal

Grab your Hormone Chart & Book An Appointment

Now that you have some great natural tips to help ease your period pain right now, grab this chart so you can fill in your symptoms over the month.

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