About The Period Pain Guru

Andrea Hepner Naturopath

‘The Period Pain Guru’, Andrea Hepner has successfully been treating Melbourne women’s hormonal imbalances that cause period pain.

Blending Science and Tradition
Andrea loves  women’s health and blends science and traditional medicine to achieve optimum results for her patients.

Having completed her university degree at Southern Cross University in 2004,  she moved to Melbourne where she became interested in balancing women’s hormones due to her own period pain caused by poly cystic ovarian syndrome.

She is now pleased to say that she no longer suffers from polycystic ovaries.

Andrea  studied under Mr. Bill Anton, Senior Lecturer and past Chairman of the Australian Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

She regularly attends conferences and seminars to keep her skills at a cutting edge level, and is a practicing partner of a Naturopath Clinic in Melbourne, called Empowered Health.

About The Period Pain Guru
Andrea became interested in treating hormonal conditions after her own experiences with period pain when was diagnosised in 2005 with Polycystic Ovaries. She now lives pain free each month and her hormones are balanced once again. She has treated herself with natural medicine & no longer suffers from this condition.

Andrea’s caring, listening and down-to-earth nature, ensure her patients get the utmost care and results- freedom from period pain.

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