Touch Base with An Expert- Your Choice of Two Paths

There are two types of Naturopathic paths  that you can choose from.

1. Corrective Care

Do you want to find the cause of your hormonal imbalance and treat the cause? Then this path is for you!

It can take some time for your body to repair and rebalance, after all, most of us don’t just get Period Pain out of the blue one day, usually it has been building up for a while.

How Long Does it Take?

The initial consultation is an hour. This includes testing your  pH  level.  During this time we look for the CAUSE of your hormone imbalance.

As a general rule we will see you for  3-5 visits  following your initial consultation  to see you feeling great  and your hormones rebalanced.  Generally Andrea will see you two weeks after the initial consult, then 3 weeks & finally monthly consults are needed.  Follow up appointment’s are 30 mins.

What’s different About Us?

In a nutshell, most things!

  • We may give you herbal & nutritional medicine to increase your bodies healing power instead of a drug to stop the symptoms (although we do recognize that for some people medication is needed & we work within those boundaries to still support you).
  • A comprehensive step-by step treatment plan  is made for you, so that you will  know what your  treatment process is.
  • A four month projection plan is made with health goals in mind so that you know in advance what’s likely to happen.
  • Dietary suggestions that are “do-able”. These aren’t for the sake of putting you on a “diet” but may help your correct imbalances.
  • We make suggestions for lifestyle changes if needed to fit your “can- do” needs. These will benefit your hormones.

To book A Corrective Care Consultation, call 1300 21 44 25 or Click to email The Period Pain Guru

If you are wanting the correct your hormonal Imbalance, then corrective care is for you!

2. Symptomatic Relief

If you are busy and don’t have the time to commit to rebalancing your hormones, but want to stop taking pain-killers, then this path is for you!

A short treatment plan is made up for you. Dietary Changes will be recommended. Herbal and Nutritional medicine that helps to decrease your period pain will be specifically made up for you and the symptoms you are experiencing.

How Long Does It Take?

The initial visit is 45 mins. This is then  followed up by one 30 min consultation.

Need a Different Solution to Pain Killers? Then this path is for you!

How Does This Differ From Other Symptomatic Relief?


  • We use symptomatic relief herbs & nutrients that are gentle on the body with minimal side effects
  • We make general dietary & lifestyle suggestions to fit your busy lifestyle
  • We make up a treatment plan for you so that you’re aware if other imbalances in your life may be contributing to your period pain & other symptoms. Knowledge is power!

To book a Symptomatic Relief Consultation, call 1300 21 44 25 or Click to email The Period Pain Guru

What’s the difference between a Doctor and a Naturopath?

Naturopathic Care at The Period Pain Guru looks at treating the cause of your illness or imbalance. Herbal and Nutritional medicine differ from drugs because they bring the body back into balance.

For example, if you are deficient in a particular nutrient, this can have an impact on how the way things work in your body. This is because your body relies on nutrients to do so.

How Does Treatment Differ From A Doctor’s Medicine?

You may be asked to take some nutritional and herbal medicine. The herbs and nutrients that The Period Pain Guru uses are very different to the ones that you find on the shelf at your local health food store. At The Period Pain Guru, we use Practitioner- Only products to get you optimal results, quickly.

Sometimes Lifestyle and Dietary Changes are recommended. Although it is not essential to make these changes, it will enhance your health outcomes. These changes can be negotiated with Andrea, so that they are ‘do-able’ for you.

Where is the Science?

Naturopathic medicine has just as much to offer as western medicine, just in a different way. And yes, there are more and more studies being done on naturopathic medicine. If you are curious to look further, then please look at the AMED database.

Naturopathic treatment’s have  been around for 100’s of years. In fact, herbal medicine was being used before current western medicine came about and it is still being used as the primary source of healthcare in many countries.

We often use scientific testing to see exactly where your body is at & can work in with your doctor, should the need arise.

Naturopathy is now of a university degree level.

Make sure you call  to book a consultation or if you have extra questions, for 10 minute phone  briefing to find out how we can help you specifically p: 1300 21 44 25.