The Pill vs. Natural Balancing for Period Pain (and other PMS symptoms)


What tools do you use to do your job? If you work in IT, you have a computer. If you’re a retailer, you have a cash register to help make your work easier. Different jobs have different tools. A doctor’s primary tools are drugs & a naturopaths primary tools are herbal & nutritional medicine along with lifestyle & dietary changes.


No need to take a pill forever, balance your hormones naturally!

Often, if you go the to doctor they will offer you The Oral Contraceptive Pill (the Pill) for period pain & while that may help in the short term, it isn’t rebalancing your hormones.

The Pill puts false hormones into your system & depending on the hormonal imbalance you have, it may make you feel better or it could make you feel even worse.

I believe every women has the choice to choose what is right for herself & we  know the benefits of being on the pill-

  • Convenience
  • Period is Regular
  • Contraceptive with a 99% success rate (yes, 1 in 100 women will fall pregnant)
  • For some women, it helps reduce their period pain

I also believe that every women has the right to make an informed choice. So here is some additional information that you should know:

  • The Pill lowers folate levels as well as Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Magnesium &  Zinc.
  • The Pill changes the pH of the vagina & may make it more suseptible to infections, especially candida albican’s.
  • For some women, they can gain weight &/or become depressed.
  • According to Sherrill Sellman, who wrote “What Women Must Know About Their Hormones”, the Combined Pill increases the risk  of cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, cervical cancer, infertility, strokes & high blood pressure.
  • Francesca  Naish, Australia’s leading Natural Fertility specialist reports that the residue from the pill takes 3-6 months to be excreted from the body.
  •  It’s worth mentioning, that although there are currently no clinical studies, in clinical practice, I see many women who come off the pill, having  developed Polycystic Ovaries while being on it. I believe that more studies need to be done on this & more information needs to be out there for women to make an informed choice.

How will Natural Hormone Balancing Help with Period Pain?

  • Herbal Medicine can help to stimulate the body to make more of the hormones that you’re lacking, therefore synthetic hormones aren’t going into your body, just ones that you need.
  • If you have too much of one hormone, natural medicine can reduce it so that it becomes balanced
  • Specific vitamins & minerals can support this process.
  • How did you get  period pain? Why? Having your own naturopath who cares about you &  can work with you, will help to determine the CAUSE of your period pain, so that it doesn’t come back once you have rebalanced your hormones (no, you don’t need to be on supplements for your hormones for the rest of your life).
  • Looking at your lifestyle & if that may be contributing to your period pain will help you to feel great all month!
  • The risks associated with balancing your  hormones naturally are alot less, in fact, I don’t know of any except it can increase your chances of falling pregnant because your hormones are so healthy! (so other precautions need to be taken).

For more information about whether Natural Hormone Balancing is right for you, please call us on 1300 91 21 81 & book in for your  10 minute phone chat, valued at $45.00. Don’t wait til you’re in pain next month, book now so that you’re free from period pain! Don’t delay as we’re only taking the first 5 callers.

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