Bushwalking- Improve Your Wellbeing

Bushwalking in a Aussie thing to do. It provides a sense of wellbeing. Getting out of your daily routine and back into nature is great in so many ways.

When you suffer from period pain, and your hormones are out of whack, it can be very therapeutic to get back into nature- mother nature.

Here are 3 positive things that bushwalking will do for your health

1. Have you ever been to the beach and you feel ‘so much better’ afterwards? Walking where there is running water- a creek, stream or rain, creates negative ions. John Grey, who wrote Men Are From Mars and Women are from Venus, talks about how negative ions give us a feeling of vitality when we get into nature. And even more negative ions are created in running water.

2. Exercising helps to release endorphins. Endorphins are feel good brain chemicals that transmit enjoyment, contentment and euphoria. Estrogen levels rule the release of endorphins, so if your estrogen is low, then you may not be getting your usual release of endorphins. This is common in women who aren’t ovulating and menopausal women. If you don’t get a release of endorphins, you can feel teary and emotional.  To overcome feeling teary and emotional, seeing a naturopath to help raise estrogen levels to a safe level is important, but  you can start right now in helping your body raise endorphin levels by bushwalking or doing your favorite exercise.

3. Exercise- walking, climbing over rocks, jumping through puddles all provides exercise. Exercise helps to improve the tone of your muscle, burn up unwanted calories and gives you a sense of wellbeing.

If you do go bushwalking, there are a few things that you need to do before you go. Preparation is the key to safe bushwalking. Check with the local information centre that the track is safe and right for your level of fitness and ask then for an estimate of how long the walk will take. Make sure you have enough daylight hours to walk in. If you are unsure about your level of fitness, see your local trainer at the gym. Make sure you stick to the walking track. Don’t deviate from it. Carry enough water (plus a bit extra), some food- good energy food like a banana or some nuts and seeds is important. Make sure you have the correct walking shoes are you are dressed for the weather. Keep a mobile phone on you- even if it does go out of range, you may find somewhere that picks up reception in an emergency. Take a small first aid kit with you. And lastly, make sure you have Ambulance cover/ health insurance.

These safety precautions that need to be taken, far outweigh the benefits that walking in Mother Nature can do your your health, hormones and wellbeing.

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The Period Pain Guru & Naturopath Andrea Hepner has been helping women who experience period pain and related symptoms for many years. She is also a specialist in hormonal imbalance and fertility issues. To contact Andrea Hepner for treatment call 1300 91 21 81 or go to www.periodpain.com.au/

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