Apple or Pear? Your “Fruit” Shape can reflect what your Hormones are doing and Hinder Weight Loss

Contrary to popular belief, there are 3 types of estrogen- These are called Estrone, Estradiol and Estriol. Generally speaking, often people who are a apple  shape have more estrone, whereas people who are a pear shape have more estradiol.

The thyroid controls how quickly or slowly you burn up calories. If you have higher than normal levels of estrogen, this can slow down your thyroid and your metabolism.

It’s not always about diet and exercise

During advertisements and news programs we are taught that to lose weight, you need to eat a healthy diet and exercise. These two aspects of weight loss are essential, however, there can be other things that can be  going on in your body that  prevent you from losing weight- like higher than normal estrogen levels.

“If your internal biochemistry isn’t working properly, then you can’t burn fat efficiently”

At The Period Pain Guru, we look at how your hormones are affecting your weight and whether this is influencing you not being able to reach your goal weight.

Why not see what’s happening with your hormones today?

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