Depressed or Feel Down before your period?

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What is more debilitating than period pain? For many women who suffer with period pain & hormonal imbalances, the only thing worse than period pain is their change in mood.
If you’re reading this article then you probably know what I mean. Even if you don’t feel down or depressed, often you will notice other changes in your mood. And here is the issue. You go to a gynacologist for your hormones. You go to a psycologist for your change in moods. You’ve connected the dots & know there’s a link, but the psycologist & gynacologist don’t work together.

Where does that leave you?

Confused & feeling like you’re not heard; knowing that it’s something to do with your hormones, but not knowing where to turn.

Step in a holistic approach. There is biochemical evidence that your hormones CAN & often DO affect your moods.

So why do you feel low? Why do you feel teary, depressed, low, sometimes angry & well, at the end of the day, feel like crap really??

Your partner may be telling you to do something about it, BUT WHAT? Before we tell you how you can turn things around, we need to tell you WHY.

Here are the 3 “WHY’s” you can feel low in the lead up to your period

1.There is an imbalance between your estrogen & progesterone. When your estrogen levels are higher (or sometimes lower) than normal, this can have an affect on serotonin levels. Serotonin is a feel good feeling, so if we are a little on the low side for any reason, then you won’t be feeling as happy. Oh and there are theories on crying.If you start to cry over an ad on TV or something you wouldn’t normally cry over, then one theory suggests that crying helps to release serotonin levels, so crying can help you to feel better.


2. You need B Vitamins (especially Vitamin B6) and Zinc to help activate your serotonin levels.This doesn’t mean to just go popping B Vitamins & Zinc. You need to be tested for these. Some people who have the CbS gene, need additional support in taking activated B supplements. For some people they don’t “activate” their B Vitamins. In those people, it can be dangerous taking B Vitamins long term. Check with your naturopathic practitioner whether taking B Vitamins is a good idea long term or not.


3. You have additional stress. If there is an external stressor, then things can feel worse before your period. You’re ability to cope isn’t there as much.

Please note, that if you think you are having suicidal thoughts or depression is ruining your life, you must Seek Medical help immediately.

So HOW do we fix it?

Remember that you do need to see a naturopath who specializes in this area if you are going to seek natural medicine. Please do not self- prescribe.

  • The most important thing you can do is to talk to someone who understands. Feeling heard is so important. If you are experiencing these types of symptoms, then please feel free to come & see us at The Period Pain Guru. We spend an hour with you on your initial consultation, followed by 30 minute appointments (about once a month for 4 months), to help your hormones & body to rebalance.


  •  Get your hormones tested using Saliva. A Saliva hormone Test will show up any mild & moderate symptoms (as well as severe ones) to see if there is a hormonal imbalance. We then look at rebalancing your hormones through ensuring they if estrogen is high, it can be excreted properly & helping your body to make it’s own progesterone.


  • Support your brain chemicals. As we mentioned earlier, your brain chemcials are made up of nutrients, so if we “feed” your brain the right nutrients, then this may help to decrease you feeling down/ depressed before your period.

Why doesn’t everyone who get’s period pain, get changes in their mood?

Great Question.

Although we are not clear on the exact answer, genetic testing is giving us more & more clues  as to how well we “hold onto” our Vitamin B 6. We can also test for how well your liver “clears” hormones & how well you “hold onto” your zinc in a test called “kryptopyrroles”. We are learning more & more each day, but the important thing is that we get you some relief & if possible, help you to feel great again each month. Have you got more questions? Call us now to book your free 10 minute phone conversation about how we may be able to help you.

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